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YDSSCA Hall of Fame

Youngstown Area Scholastic Soccer Coaches

Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 1993

George Capellas (Howland)

Dino D’Agostino (Boardman)

Class of 1994

Derrick Wall (Austintown)
Joe Downey (Poland)

Alex Kidd (Boardman/JFK)

George Djisheff (Austintown/Ursuline)

Class of 1995

Leo Comichisto (Niles)

Harry Mays (Boardman)

Class of 1996

Steve Zahonyi (Referee)

Michael Pepe (Canfield-Player)

Class of 1999

Frank Gonzalalez (Referee)

Class of 2004

Lee Frey (Canfield)

Class of 2014

Rob Merlo (Niles)

Karl Martin (Badger)

Class of 2015

Dennis Smith (Howland/Hubbard)

Dan Houle (Howland/Champion)

Class of 2016

George Stevens (Howland)

George Hunter (YSU/Canfield)

Class of 2017

Kara Cooper Garland (Player Youngstown Christian)

Ashley Cuba (Player Mooney)

Kiki Willis (Player Mooney)

Tony Volpe (Player Boardman)

Class of 2018

Matt Thomas (Glen Oak/United/West Branch)

Phil Simone (Canfield)

Class of 2019

Diane Downey (Labrae)/ Scott MacMillan(Niles McKinley/Lordstown/Hubbard)

Class of 2021
Gary Anderson (Howland)
Dennis Opritza (Canfield)
Tom Wright (Salem)

Class of 2022

Brian Stiles (Fitch/Howland)

Sam Reagle (Niles)

Carlo Trafficanti (Fitch)